We are EV-Box

We're a team of thought leaders, engineers, product developers, mobility consultants and EV-savvy people driven to build a more sustainable future of our daily transportation.

Our team

Kristof Vereenooghe

Chief Executive Officer

Jurgen Hoogeveen

Managing Director

Bram van de Leur

Founder & CTO

David van Hasselt

Chief Financial Officer

Peter Weisz

Purchase & Supply Chain Manager

Jeroen Franken

Sales & Country Director NL

Freerik Meeuwes

eMobility & Product Strategist

Georgios Channoullis

Electrical & Hardware Engineer

Oleg Mazurashu

Back-End Developer

Kevin Pugh

Business Development Director UK & Ireland

Jordy Hermans

Supply Chain Planner

Morten Rolighed

Business Development Director Nordics

Johan Langius

Operations Director

Sonja Heringa

Customer Success Manager

Laurens van Jaarsveld

Technical Support & Quality Manager

Wijnand Diemer

Senior Product & Project Manager

Hugo Pereira

Marketing & Growth Manager

Jan-Willem Boerhout


Bram Wassenaar

Team Leader Customer Success

Tim Kreukniet

Country Director USA

Razvan Turtoi

Software & App Development Manager

Sergey Parhomenko

Senior Backend Developer

Zakaria Ennahachi

Software Quality Assurance Analyst

Jeroen Veen

Business Development Manager

Olivier Pellet

Technical & Product Engineer

Vincent de Haar

Technical & Product Engineer

Elsion Constansia

Customer Success Manager

Stefan Meers

Country Director BeLux

Nicholas Lalli

U.S. East Coast Development

Piotr Krzepczak

Sr. Architect & Head of Software Development

Lester Bonn

Team Leader Customer Success & Care

Jordi Bakker

Business Development Representative

Serhii Selskyi

Backend Developer

Martijn Hendriks

Sales Executive

Carlos Rodrigues

Senior Front-End Developer

Joost van der Giessen

Sales Operations

Guillaume Boyé

Sales Director France & Southern Europe

Audrius Jakumavicius

Sr. Front-End Developer

Tanguy De Moor

Business Development Representative

Jeroen Zijlstra

Order Desk Representative

Vivian Zhou

Creative Marketer

Chiel Kalter

Customer Care Representative

Abdel Belali

Customer Care Representative

Tim Rombout

Technical Supporter

Yash Chitalia

Technical Operations Intern

Ingo Ruijs

Marketing Intern

Tom Hoogveld

Sales Operations Intern

Jordy Ravesteijn

Business Intelligence Intern

Antoine Morin

Marketing Intern FR

Philipp Kutter

Marketing Intern DACH