We build a green charging infrastructure

...everywhere electric vehicles park. We accelerate the transition towards a future of sustainable transportation.

How it all started

EV-Box was founded in The Netherlands in 2010. At the time, the market for electric vehicles (EVs) was still in its infancy. In the last five years, EV-Box has grown to become the market leader, with over 40.000 charging stations across the globe. The concept was clear: a charging station with fully modular construction, ready to facilitate the explosion of the EV market, while simultaneously providing uncompromising quality and durability.

The iconic LED ring has become a symbol for charging in public spaces, an unmistakable and welcome feature of many city streets.

As a continuous technology & innovation industry player, EV-Box is now the largest producer and supplier of charging stations for electric vehicles and related cloud-based services worldwide. The success of EV-Box can be attributed to our 100% focus on electric vehicles, commitment to quality, continuous innovation, and an unrelenting drive for client satisfaction.

EV-Box solutions have already been installed from Shanghai to Monaco, and from Rome to Stockholm. Drive electric, charge everywhere!


Some of our own EV-Box'ers

Irene van der Wal

Head of Human Resources

Carlos Rodrigues

Senior Front-End Developer

Bram van de Leur

Founder & CTO

Freerik Meeuwes

Head of Business Development

Vivian Zhou

Creative Marketer

Jurgen Hoogeveen

Managing Director

Elsion Constansia

Customer Success Manager

Sonja Heringa

Customer Success Manager

Want to meet the rest of us?

Meet the team

A fast-growing green practice

EV-Box’s growth and success is not only due to our top-quality and reliable charging solutions, but mostly driven by the passion and commitment of our team. We've grown from a small team of 5 people into a solid, sustainable and results-driven 50+ people team across the globe.

At EV-Box we learn that our partners and customers are first and that it is our responsibiltiy to build the very best charging solution in the market. Today, electric vehicle drivers enjoy a smooth, easy and safe charging experience while all potential parking spots trust us to install the safest and most innovative charging station.

As we've evolved our offering beyond charging stations, the company grew and EV-Box evolved from a Dutch leading player to a more global approach, having quickly expanded from the Amsterdam HQ into offices in Antwerp, Paris, London, and New York.

Our green practices:

  • The charging stations from EV-Box are made out of polycarbonate and are 100% recyclable. This way we don' just reduce the amount of gasoline that is for car fuel, but we also contribute the use of recyclable plastic. In 2015 there were 16,3 million kWh's charged from EV-Box chargers. Which approximately stands for 97,8 million kilometers driven and about 1,52 million gallons of gasoline.
  • EV-Box produces locally. This way, they save fuel and prevent emissions. If EV-Box produced in China, there would be used containerships as transport. Which means at least one shipment a month of approximately 500 charging stations, would add 74 tons of emission to our yearly carbon emissions. We focus on saving the environment.
  • The total carbon emissions of EV-Box are 126,86 tons. The office building of EV-Box runs entirely on green energy, we sort our waste, we always print duplex and we are currently busy to organize solar panels on the roof. All the lighting inside the EV-Box office are LED.

We strive everyday to become a more sustainable and inspiring company to everyone interacting with us. Feel free to visit any one of our teams for a conversation on sustainable mobility, experience our charging stations, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee at our EVCafe!


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